How to Create a Space That’s a Reflection of You

How to Create a Space That’s a Reflection of You

Your personal style is your fingerprint, from the clothes you wear to the music you love to the hobbies you’re most passionate about. And when you create a space—whether it’s a brand-new home or even just a much-needed update to a stale room—you want to incorporate all of those things to celebrate your taste. After all, this is what transforms your house into a home. But what if you’re not sure exactly what your personal home style is?

The good news is that when it comes to creating your dream home, there’s no such thing as a prescriptive, assigned “style.” Instead, it’s all about being creative, listening to your inner voice, and choosing the things that make you happiest. Ready to get started? Roll up those sleeves and let’s get cracking on the best tips for creating a space that’s a true reflection of you.

Put Your Passion on Display

Do you love playing guitar? Are you obsessed with watercolor painting or raising a succulent garden? Whatever it is that brings you the most joy in life—whether it’s for work or play—find ways to proudly incorporate this into your home. This can be something as simple as a dedicated display case for your vintage camera collection or mounting shelves to show off souvenirs from your travels.

When done the right way, any arrangement of items can be a form of art. From designer hats to skateboards to crafting supplies, the trick is to find solutions that are as aesthetically cool as they are practical. Don’t hang or store anything too high or difficult to retrieve that you’ll need on a regular basis.

Ask Your Closet for Advice

When it comes to personal style, most of us have a good idea of what we love most and what we’d never be caught dead wearing. So why not carry some of those trends and fundamentals into your interior design, too?

Take a peek into your closet and make note of what you see. Is it full of bright colors and wild patterns? Or maybe you go all in for subdued colors and eco-friendly materials. Whether you’re a vintage vixen or a minimalist mama, your closet holds some clues about how you can make your home space feel more like you.

Pay attention to not only the colors and patterns but the shapes, textures, and materials you gravitate toward most. Then, incorporate these in your home as much as possible, from paint colors and textiles to furniture shapes and materials, lighting choices, and artwork.

Instagram Is Your Friend

Yes, it’s the best place for cute kitten videos and TikTok highlights, but it’s also a source of some of the best home design inspiration you’ll find anywhere. Here, you can browse the personal profiles of interior designers and the pages of your favorite brands or style publications for the very best and latest in home decor and interior design inspiration.

But it’s not just the high-profile brands and designers that are worth following. There’s no shortage of home influencers on Instagram. These savvy design lovers offer ideas and tips for creating a personal space according to your own unique style. Best of all, they offer their followers a peek into their homes, so you can find what you love and run with it!

Create a saved folder for home design, and anytime you see something that fits your vibe, add it to the list. Then, you’ll know exactly what your space needs when you’re shopping or planning some home changes.

Embrace the Idea of Mixing Styles

Let’s say you lean toward the mid-century modern aesthetic but you also love neon colors. Or maybe you find minimalism a bit too sparse, but maximalism a tad too gaudy? Forget about the curated look, or what “makes” a particular style—such as boho, rustic, shabby chic, or contemporary. The point here is that personal taste is all about rejecting a cookie-cutter sense of style.

So go on, hang that Hollywood Regency-style mirror above your iron-pipe bookcase. Add some Scandanavian-print pillows to your jewel-toned velvet couch. Finding your unique personal style is all about choosing what you love, regardless of the rules.

Let Your Style Grow with You

Whether you’re embracing new ideas about how you’d like to live, adding to your growing family, or just being adventurous with new styles, you’re always going through a period of change. And that’s when your personal style, especially at home, should evolve to adapt to your new needs and preferences.

When creating a space that reflects you, don’t be afraid to let go of the old and welcome the new—whether that means adopting more eco-friendly design, trying new color palettes, or incorporating a space for homeschooling the kiddos.

Looking for an Austin Luxury Interior Designer?

Life is too short to not be surrounded by things that make you happy. If you need some help making your home feel like a unique and authentic reflection of you, I’m your girl. No matter what your personal style is, our Austin interior design services here at J.Fisher Interiors will help you transform your space from uninspired to a celebration of what you love most. Contact me today, and let’s get started on a space that feels uniquely you through and through.


J.Fisher Interiors’ studio is located in east Austin. To schedule your consultation appointment, please fill out the contact form or call us at 512.954.0904. We would love to hear from you!

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J.Fisher Interiors’ studio is located in east Austin. To schedule your consultation appointment, please fill out the contact form or call us at 512.954.0904. We would love to hear from you!