J.Fisher Interiors is a highly credited, full-service interior design firm owned and operated by Jennifer Fisher in Austin, Texas—but we’re actually people you’d want to hang out with too. We offer comprehensive interior design services for residential and commercial projects in all phases of construction as well vintage vinyl recommendations, our latest vegan taco recipe, and crazy stories about our last trip to Roundtop. The firm has ample experience with every variation of interior design from modern to traditional, and specializes in luxury and high end interior design.

Jennifer likes to call the spaces she designs “little love letters to my clients,” because she always strives to weave her clients’ passions into her designs. Whether it’s getting your guitar collection up on a wall or incorporating your vintage Pendelton blanket into a room, her goal is to blend your style and your passions with high-end design to create something magical. She describes her designs as comfortable, unique, personal, and eclectic. They have character, soul, and personality.

Jennifer’s mentors are pretty freaking awesome. She’ll be the first to tell you how lucky she was to have worked so closely with both interior designer to the who’s who in Hollywood Waldo Fernandez and the distinguished Madeline Stuart & Associates, both of which have been named AD 100 designers and listed on Elle Decor’s A-List for many years.

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J.Fisher Interiors’ studio is located in east Austin. To schedule your consultation appointment, please fill out the contact form or call us at 512.954.0904. We would love to hear from you!

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Interior Design

Interior design is what most of our clients come to us for because it encompasses almost all of our other offerings. Whether you need help with a remodel, interior architecture, new construction or commercial/office space, each project is still in the category of interior design. Need an interior decorator? We also offer decoration help but only as part of larger design projects. We also offer fully turnkey interior design services that ensure no detail is overlooked (down to styling your toiletries!). We take our role as your personal interior designer very seriously. But not serious enough that we won’t pop some bubbles and celebrate with you when we’re done!

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Remodels & Interior Architecture

The majority of our projects involve remodeling and interior architecture. We specialize in not just decorating your home but in envisioning the potential of every aspect of your space. We talk through which rooms you use often, which you don’t, and which spaces you wish you had to ensure the home you end up with is not only beautiful but functional too. Interior design is about so much more than just interior decorating and remodels are no better example of that.

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New Construction

Our interior designers have been hired for new construction interior design projects by some of the top home builders in Austin which is a huge compliment. Check out our latest new build project called Willow City Ranch. We’ve also been contracted by homeowners who are building their own custom homes from the ground up. The trick to designing new construction homes is to add character and warmth to an otherwise blank slate. Bringing in vintage and personal elements adds interest in new construction projects and is our favorite part of interior design. Our goal is always to make your home feel like you – not me and not a home builder.

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