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At J.Fisher Interiors, we help you create a style that’s inspiring, timeless, and most of all, one of a kind. A good home interior designer won’t make your space cookie cutter or boring. We see each new home decorating project as both a thrilling new challenge and a fresh canvas for the imagination. What does your imagination hold? We have amazing ways to figure that out and bring it to life, so no two homes are ever the same.

As a home interior designer, we’re passionate about refreshing your space in a way that works for you and your lifestyle. Do you need room to twerk to your favorite Big Freedia album, or are you looking for space for your vintage ukales? We’ll make sure you’re covered. After all, changing the look of your space isn’t just about updating the furniture or textiles—it’s about reinvigorating your joie de vivre. But with a high end interior design touch of course.

But it’s important to note that design is never done. Trends are always changing and personal growth/seasons drive what colors and styles one is drawn to. We set up your home so it feels the most “you” right now, but we make it easy to subtly update and change things here or there when those seasons change.

Think of us as the mix-master to your needs. When you partner with us, you’re teaming up with a full-service interior design provider, which means that we’ll take care of everything from start to finish. We begin with the presentation of concept work, budgeting, and space planning, and continue through furniture and fabric specification, color and material selection, requests for custom furniture, built-ins, and fixtures, as well as any equipment purchasing and procurement needs throughout the process. We make it all perfectly seamless with shipping, tracking, and final installation, culminating in an authentic and personal final staging.

We can’t wait to help you design your space in the way that you’ve always dreamed, so that home will always be your favorite place.


J.Fisher Interiors’ studio is located in east Austin. To schedule your consultation appointment, please fill out the contact form or call us at 512.954.0904. We would love to hear from you!

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Jennifer jumped in to do a project for our office, and we couldn't be happier with the level of professionalism and skill with which she operates. She got the job done in a timely manner, her pricing was reasonable, and now, our team has been enjoying the space so much more. I'd highly recommend her expertise to other companies or individuals looking to freshen up their space.

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NadaMoo Ice Cream December 1, 2017