Remodels & Interior Architecture


Remodels & Interior Architecture

Let’s face it — there can be a big gap between a great home and your dream home. Whether your new-to-you home needs some updates, you want to refresh your existing home, or you want to redesign an interior completely, remodeling is a fantastic way to transform your house to meet your changing needs and evolving style. Remodeling projects can be simple, DIY affairs or complex projects requiring the management of multiple crews and specialists. At J.Fisher, remodels have been some of our most challenging, rewarding, and recognized interior design projects. We love working with clients to create homes that celebrate their unique lifestyle and personality while respecting the original character of a home, using sustainable and eco-friendly materials. If you are considering an update or remodel, here are a few tips to help you get started.

How is the Design Process Different in Remodels vs. New Construction?

When designing for new construction, deciding structural questions like the kitchen layout, the number of bathrooms, or the placement of fixtures is fairly simple. These elements can be added, moved, or changed during the design process, and the client, the designer, and the architect are really only limited by the budget.

When designing for a remodel, things become more complicated. It’s important to consider the implications of moving or changing load-bearing walls, plumbing or HVAC infrastructure, floor-to-floor height, and other major changes. An old building may have historic features or characters to preserve or hazardous materials to remove. Old homes are also often full of surprises, and the remodeling process may reveal unknown problems.

While DIY home remodeling shows make it look easy, a big home renovation project should always start with a detailed, professional design plan that accounts for all these factors and serves as the blueprint to guide all the relevant demolition and construction crews. A professional interior design for a remodeling project is also essential for ensuring that your new space meets the needs of your lifestyle and reflects your unique personality. Interior designers are experts at finding unutilized space, optimizing natural light, preserving historic features, and maximizing the return on investment for your remodeling project.

Do I Need an Interior Designer for My Remodel?

For simpler remodeling projects, like removing a wall to open up a kitchen, you might think to go directly to a contractor or even do the project yourself. However, there are a lot of reasons to hire a professional before beginning a remodel. Here are just a few:

  • Permits and legal issues. Depending on the scale of your remodel, you may be restricted by various ordinances or building codes. When remodeling for workplaces and commercial design, these issues become critical, as the new space may need to comply with ADA and other guidelines. Working with a professional designer allows you to anticipate, plan for, and comply with all legal regulations regarding your construction project.
  • Return on investment. A smart remodel can add significant value to a home, while a poorly-executed one can actually cost value. While you may want expensive add-ons like a built-in aquarium or a posh home theater, a good designer will help you choose the improvements that enhance your lifestyle while increasing resale value.
  • Attention to detail. Great interior design for remodeling includes attention to small details and critical decisions that make a big difference later. A professional designer will pay attention to small factors, knowing that it’s not just the placement of lights but the placement of light switches that can make a difference in livability.
  • Project management and coordination. A full-service interior designer manages all aspects of your remodel, including communicating and coordinating with contractors, demolition crews, plumbers, electricians, painters, etc.
  • Professional results. DIY renovation projects may look great and make for good TV, but they rarely live up to long-term use and professional standards. In fact, DIY renovation projects are more likely to hurt, rather than help, the value of a home. Whether you are remodeling a home to live in or updating it for resale, a professional designer is worth every penny.

Whether you’re redesigning your entire house or simply updating a single room, we’re here to help breathe new life into your home through remodeling and interior architecture.

The Interior Design Process for Remodeling and Renovation

We begin our architectural interior design and construction process by picking your brain and understanding how your home will best function in support of your unique aesthetic and lifestyle. This is crucial in capturing an authentic interior space, and we have a detailed guide to help you get started working with an interior designer.

During the design process, we map out each step of your project to keep you updated. We utilize 2D/3D drafting and rendering, design sketching, technical drawings, and specifications, as well as space planning and budgeting assistance so that you have complete control of the look and progress of the project.

As a full-service interior design provider, we manage your project from concept to final completion. When you partner with J.Fisher Interiors, you can count on a team of passionate and experienced interior design experts who will make your home their priority. With exceptional standards for quality and design and seamless communication throughout each step of the project, we do all of the work so that all you have to do is love your home.

At J.Fisher, we are passionate about beautiful, sustainable remodeling projects that transform your house into your dream home. We also love preserving the character and history of Austin’s architecture while celebrating the unique tastes, lifestyles, and personalities of our clients.

Whether you want to revive an outdated kitchen or build a new addition simply, contact us or schedule a virtual interior design consultation today.

Interior Design Consultation

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