Design Process


We begin our epic journey of the design process by creating a brief with design details and construction timelines to accommodate your budget. You know, the basics. Next, we learn as much as we can about your design vision and space requirements, and how you want each space to function. This is the fun part!

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The design phase is called programming (it’s not nearly as boring and technical as it sounds). This is where we take your brief and create a first draft design, which varies depending on the job. I mean, are we talking a major house hostile takeover or just some finishing touches? With a remodel, we start with the new floor plan. In an interiors-only job, we start with images to portray our thoughts about the design’s direction. From there, we give the option to create renderings, etc.

But keep in mind that this is not one of those ridiculous (though fun to watch) TV design shows where the timelines and budgets aren’t real. Good design takes time! You should expect a minimum six months for a design to reach the photograph-ready phase, and most take at least a year.


During this stage, we gather all of the fancy paperwork (pricing, certifications, approvals, and construction documents) to begin our plan of action. We work closely with builders and contractors on your behalf to ensure budget and timelines are met.

Decorate and Deliver

In our last phase, construction is nearly complete (yas queen). We install the textiles, furnishings, and furniture for your new space until every last detail of your vision is a reality.

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I highly recommend Jennifer Fisher with J.Fisher Interiors, based on my firsthand experience working with her to decorate my new home in Houston, Texas. Jennifer possesses a unique talent in being able to create the perfect look and feel for any room, and I am extremely pleased with the results.

Dean Crassas

Dean Crassas December 1, 2017