J.Fisher Interiors

At J.Fisher Interiors, our ethos is a fusion of creativity, passion, and dedication to crafting spaces that resonate with depth and character. As an Austin-based interior designer, I bring just the right balance of downtown funky and uptown polish to every project. Each design is a unique expression, infused with personality, soul, and a comfortably livable quality that reflects the essence of those who inhabit it.

Every client is a source of inspiration, and their stories fuel our creativity. From showcasing personal collections to integrating beloved passions, our designs become intimate reflections of the lives they’re meant to enrich. We weave together elements that make our clients swoon, turning their spaces into personalized love letters that speak volumes.

Our design journey draws inspiration from a multitude of sources—travel, music, and the beauty of nature. Whether immersing ourselves in the vibrant energy of the International Contemporary Furniture Fair or uncovering treasures at the Round Top Antique Fair, each experience enriches our creative palette and informs our designs.

As a full-service design firm, we thrive on diverse projects—from transformative remodels to meticulous decorating endeavors. From lakeside retreats in Tarrytown to charming treehouses in Westlake, we infuse every project with joy and attention to detail, ensuring that no aspect goes unnoticed.

At J.Fisher Interiors, our mission is simple: to create spaces that evoke emotion, inspire connection, and celebrate the essence of each client. We invite you to embark on a design journey with us, where creativity knows no bounds and dreams become reality. Let’s transform your space into a sanctuary that reflects your unique story—contact J.Fisher Interiors and let’s begin the adventure together.

“Thinking about design is hard, but not thinking about it can be disastrous.”
– Ralph Caplan

Interior Design Consultation

J.Fisher Interiors’ studio is located in east Austin. To schedule your consultation appointment, please fill out the contact form or call us at 512.954.0904. We would love to hear from you!