Interior Design Tips: How to Outfit Your Home for Homeschooling

Now that so many schools have gone remote to help contain the spread of COVID-19, you may have found yourself with a mandatory new side gig on your resume: first-time teacher. Like most other parents in the same boat, you didn’t have much choice in the matter, which means now you’ve got to brush up on your long division and somehow improvise a legit setup at home.

If you’re ready to tear your hair out at the madness of it all, don’t worry—we’ve got you. Here’s how to create a productive teaching space for your kids without turning your home into a schoolhouse. 


Set Up a Dedicated Study Area

Oh, kids . . . we love them, but they sure are fidgety creatures. And during the coronavirus shutdown, we can’t blame them a bit. That’s why a dedicated study space—that offers the least amount of distraction, along with plenty of natural light—is a must.

The kitchen table often works well to switch it up from reading and writing to messy art projects. But if you’d rather keep the kitchen table for meals only, try adding a desk and chairs to the dining room, living room, or a corner of the least-used area in your home. Short on space? Try a collapsible Murphy desk so you can easily store the desk away after the day is done.

Of course, a study area doesn’t have to be indoors. If you’ve got some backyard shade from the blazing Austin sun, set up a study table on the back deck or patio, or even out in the yard in a quiet spot. As long as everyone can sit comfortably and concentrate, you can make your home school anywhere. As a bonus, you’ll be able to transition from teaching your kid to sippin’ your frose without even leaving your seat.

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Create Space for Letting Loose

Couch potato, hermit crab, sofa spud. Our lives are pretty stagnant right now, which makes it more important than ever for kids to move their bodies and bust some energy throughout the day. If you don’t have enough yard space, or simply don’t feel safe being outside, set up an area of your home for fun indoor exercise:

  • There’s never been a better time to introduce your kid to your favorite music artists. Add some party disco lights and a boom box for an anytime dance party—breakdancing highly encouraged.
  • Dedicate a corner that’s safe (no breakable vintage collectibles here) for hula-hooping and jump-roping.
  • Add a yoga mat and a spot where young ones can stretch their bodies and namaste along to some kid yoga videos.
  • If you’ve got the room, consider turning an empty wall into a climbing wall, or add a hygge-chic indoor playground like the one shown above.

Organize Beautifully

Now that you’re combining the home and school worlds, a functional organization system is essential—and it can be an opportunity to show off some style, too. Organize your child’s books, school papers, computer, and supplies in a designated area with clearly marked labels. Try kaleidoscope letter files, a tiered rolling cart, earthy seagrass paper baskets, or even an industrial-style locker for some authentic school charm.


Embrace Your Ms. Frizzle

You don’t have to become an actual science teacher overnight. But in order to keep kids focused with so many distractions, you’ve got to make the learning fun and creative. Try these ideas to keep your kids on task:

  • Add bean bag chairs for comfy reading time.
  • Let your child decorate his or her desk or storage area.
  • Incorporate daily or weekly art projects.
  • Introduce color and texture with brightly colored block mat flooring and rugs in fun patterns.
  • Have your child help you create a “classroom wall.” This can be a decorated bulletin board where you pin flash cards, notes, instructions, and a daily schedule, and even hang artwork and rewards for achievements.

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