Maximalist Interior Design

Maximalist Interior Design Minimalism has dominated interior design for years, and remains a classic design style. But minimalism’s bohemian cousin, maximalism, has been growing in popularity, and promises to be a hot trend in 2023. Let’s learn more about maximalism and how to design maximalist style interiors. What is Maximalist Interior Design? Maximalist interior design [...]

Interior Design for Christmas

Interior Decoration for Christmas Decorating your home for Christmas is one of the most enjoyable traditions of the season. It’s a wonderful opportunity to create a festive atmosphere, evoke your family’s favorite memories, and celebrate your own personal style. It’s also a time when people can get creative, using the holiday period to make changes, [...]

Master Bedroom Interior Design Trends 2023

MASTER BEDROOM INTERIOR DESIGN TRENDS 2023 The master bedroom is one of the most private spaces in the home — a personal oasis not used for entertaining or showcasing your style. That said, interior design is just as important in the master bedroom as in any other room. A well-designed bedroom creates a healthy, restful [...]

Interior Design Tips That Add Value to Your Home Listing

Interior Design Tips that Add Value to Your Home Listing Selling your home is a big decision for you and a big investment for the buyer. Interior design is an essential aspect of marketing your home and generating interest, and also adds value to the sale and helps close the deal. But how much should [...]

5 Design Tips for Your Outdoor Space this Summer

5 Design Tips for Your Outdoor Space this Summer Summer is the high season of outdoor living, with play spaces, barbecues, and late nights under the stars. Great outdoor interior design helps maximize the living space in your home, increasing your quality of life while adding resale value. Even better, the thoughtful design of your [...]

Nursery Themes for Giggles and Soothing

Nursery Themes for Giggles and Soothing Welcoming a new baby is both a delight and a challenge. Decorating a nursery is an opportunity to exercise creativity and create a room that is unique in your home, and for your child. But what are the best nursery themes, and how do you create a room that [...]

Man Cave Design that Roars

Man Cave Design that Roars Man caves were all the rage in the early 2000s, with books, TV shows, and design trend pieces focused on these masculine spaces. In recent years, as entertaining in small indoor spaces became less popular, the trend has evolved in new and unexpected directions. Let’s look at the state of [...]

Bring the Outdoors in with Succulents

Bring the Outdoors in with Succulents More and more people are choosing interior designs that welcome the outdoors, incorporating natural elements in their home design. Using plants is a great way to enhance a space, and succulents are an increasingly popular choice for indoor plants. Let’s learn more about succulents and different ways of using [...]

Post-Pandemic Design Trends

Post-Pandemic Design Trends The worst health effects of the pandemic may be behind us, but it has a lasting impact on how we work, how we feel, and how we live. It’s no wonder that the pandemic has changed how we view our homes, and what we expect from interior design. Here are some of [...]

How to Use Plants in Interior Design

How to Use Plants in Interior Design When most people think of interior design, they consider big factors like window and floor treatments, furniture style and placement, wall colors and art, and lighting. While these are all important for creating beautiful, functional spaces, plants are an often-overlooked aspect of interior design.  The truth is plants [...]