Whether you are a professional chef or an amateur mixologist, the kitchen is one of the most important rooms in a home. The kitchen has to perfect both form and function. And as the heart of the home, a luxury kitchen can also add to the resale value of your property.

But a poorly designed kitchen not only reduces the value of your home; it also makes all your cooking and cleaning tasks more difficult and time-consuming. If you are considering luxury interior design or investing in an expensive kitchen makeover, here are some tips on how to do it right.

Luxury Kitchen Design Trends

Some of the hottest luxury kitchen interior design trends of 2023 are:

  • Freestanding furniture. Rather than fixed islands and built-ins, people are opting for more flexible, versatile freestanding furniture in the kitchen. Butcher blocks, free-standing cabinets, vintage pieces, and floating shelving add more versatility and enhance the feeling of the kitchen as a living space.
  • Reeded and textured glass. Reeded glass adds texture and interest, allowing the interplay of light and color in a kitchen while providing more privacy and diffusion. Popular in vintage and retro designs, it is making a big comeback in 2023.
  • Bespoke marble. Marble is the biggest luxury kitchen trend of the moment, from oversized backsplashes to dramatic countertops. Today’s luxury kitchens incorporate marble in bold, bespoke colors that make a statement.
  • Statement colors. Speaking of statement colors, today’s luxury kitchens are moving away from white, gray, and the neutral color palettes of recent years, opting instead to make strong color choices and create dramatic spaces. From retro shades like mint green and pink to deep greens and blacks, the kitchen has become a place to showcase strong color choices and build big contrast.
  • Natural and sustainable. At J.Fisher, natural and sustainable materials are more than just a momentary trend. While luxury kitchen fashions of the moment highlight natural materials like marble and wood, we have been promoting sustainability for years. We are experts at choosing healthy, sustainable, eco-friendly materials that bring a kitchen to life, create an elegant mood, and protect the environment.

Key Features of Luxury Kitchen Designs

A luxury kitchen isn’t just high-end appliances and opulent materials. In fact, simply investing a lot of money in a kitchen makeover isn’t the best way to add elegance or value to your home. Instead of luxury fixtures, investing in luxury design maximizes value and transforms your kitchen into your favorite room in the house. Luxury kitchen design focuses on all aspects of the functionality and livability of a kitchen, including:

  • Elegant storage. Good kitchen designers know how to maximize space, finding clever solutions that add beauty and usability to a kitchen.
  • Layered lighting. Lighting is one of the most important aspects of the mood, feel, and function of a kitchen. From luxury overhead fittings to convenient task lights and optimizing natural light, good interior design anticipates all the needs and seasons of a kitchen.
  • Luxury details. Today’s kitchens are more comfortable and personalized than ever, and a great room to showcase your own sense of style. From custom tile and hardware to your favorite art and collectibles, luxury kitchen design services create a space that is truly your own.
  • Consistency and synthesis. The design philosophy of your kitchen needs to integrate meaningfully into the design approach of your entire house, creating a consistent and intelligent transition between spaces. While a matte black kitchen may be the fashion du jour, it may not work with the rest of your home.

Good kitchen design considers not just the latest trends but also your needs and your lifestyle, the architecture and style of your home, and the aesthetic that most appeal to you, finding the right balance between all these factors to create the luxury kitchen of your dreams.

The Role of a Luxury Kitchen Interior Designer

A certified kitchen designer is a specialist in creating kitchen floor plans, with deep training and insight into cabinet styles, requirements, and placement, along with smart storage and ergonomic design. Many contractors and cabinet companies will only work with kitchen designers and won’t work with end consumers because of the complexity and technical knowledge involved.

An interior designer specializes in creating floor plans for the whole home and considers how the design and layout of the kitchen will integrate into the rest of the home design. Unlike a kitchen designer, an interior designer will consider materials, colors, and style choices that are consistent with the style of the rest of your house.

J.Fisher is a full-service interior designer, so we guide your kitchen redesign from start to finish. From initial concepts and material samples to detailed renders and schematics, we plan and manage kitchen construction and remodeling projects, so all you have to do is love the end result.

If you are interested in a luxury kitchen upgrade or any other design services, contact J.Fisher or schedule a virtual design consultation today.


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