Interior Decoration for Christmas

Decorating your home for Christmas is one of the most enjoyable traditions of the season. It’s a wonderful opportunity to create a festive atmosphere, evoke your family’s favorite memories, and celebrate your own personal style.

It’s also a time when people can get creative, using the holiday period to make changes, explore new trends and ideas, and design a Christmas home that is truly their own. Here are some of the best tips and tricks for interior decoration for Christmas.

Choose Your Christmas Style Inspiration

A great way to get started with your own interior design for Christmas is to take inspiration from holiday design trends. Some of the hottest Christmas trends this year are:

Wintery whites. White is white-hot this year, with many designers choosing bright white holiday decor and accent pieces. White is a great choice for Christmas decor because it goes with almost any existing color palette in your home, can be glammed up with glitter and metallics or dressed down to shabby chic, and transitions easily through the whole winter season from Thanksgiving to New Year. White is an excellent complement to delicately colored lights and ornaments, or bolder tree toppers and table centerpieces, and can transform a home into a winter wonderland.

Vintage pink. Christmas is a time for nostalgia and reminiscence, and this year the vintage vibe is enhanced by Victorian pinks and pastels. Dusky pinks are perfectly matched with silver and white and are extremely common in vintage Christmas ornaments and holiday decor. Shades of pink are sweet, romantic, and nostalgic, and create a gentle, soothing holiday feeling. Balance pinks and pastels with fresh greens and a little bit of sparkle for a gorgeous vintage Christmas interior.

Scandinavian simplicity. Scandinavian design is a timeless choice for interior design, and Scandinavian Christmas interiors remain incredibly popular, especially in commercial spaces. The focus on coziness and comfort (hygge) makes Scandinavian holiday decor flexible and easy to adapt to a wide range of homes. The features of Nordic holiday design are neutral colors like beige and tan, natural materials like wood and burlap, and decor that emphasizes dark plants and evergreens.

Choose Focal Areas for Your Christmas Decor

Good interior design is always intentional, and good interior decoration for Christmas follows the same principle. You don’t need to clutter every surface in the home with Christmas decor, and it’s better to practice some restraint. Instead, choose focal areas that create a holiday atmosphere without overwhelming the home. By focusing your interior design for Christmas on key areas like the tree, the front door, the mantle, and the holiday table, you give your holiday interior design room to breathe. Outside of the focal areas, Christmas decor can be minimal and subtle, with simple evergreen garlands, a sprig of mistletoe, or a festive string of lights.

Create Balance and Harmony

The key to the best interior design for Christmas is decorating in a way that allows your home to shine. Great decoration for the holidays complements the feel and flow of your home, creating balance and harmony that makes your space truly comfortable and relaxing. Some factors to consider are:

Color. Try to design your Christmas interior to complement the color scheme of your home. Generally speaking, if you’ve made bold color choices in your home decor, adding Christmas decorations in a neutral color palette will look best. And vice versa: if your home design leans toward neutral colors, it will be a great backdrop for more vivid shades of Christmas decor.

Function. The function of a space is a crucial part of the interior design process. Christmas decor should not interfere with the normal use or function of spaces, so may need to be placed or scaled correctly for the interior of your home.

Lighting. Lighting is one of the most important features of a space and is arguably one of the most defining characteristics of Christmas decor. Plan for how your space will look both day and night, and how your Christmas lights can augment the existing lighting in your home.

Exteriors. Decorating the outside of your home is a great way to share the holiday spirit, welcome guests and visitors, and create Christmas memories from the very first glance. Although it isn’t as important to match scale and color palette, exterior Christmas decor should be consistent with the style and feel of the decor inside, to create a cohesive feel.

Austin’s J.Fisher interior design firm excels at creating holiday interiors that showcase great design while celebrating your unique style. We can help you honor treasured family traditions while creating new memories that will last a lifetime.

From commercial spaces to residential homes, we can make your Christmas merry and bright. Contact us for a virtual consultation and learn how to enjoy the best interior design for Christmas in Austin.


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