My Top 4 Homes From The Austin Modern Home Tour

The fact that there is modern home tour in my hometown every year brings me so much joy. Knowing that I’m not the only one who loves to wander these gorgeous homes, marveling at the layouts and designs makes me so thankful to live in a place with people who love modern interior design as much as I do.

The Austin Modern Home Tour is an annual event that showcases the works of talented architects, developers, and designers in the area. Because Austin is big on modern architecture, it wasn’t easy to choose my favorites, but I narrowed it down to my top four to share with you.

Casa Marrakesh

Designed by Bercy Chen Studio


Casa Marrakesh is a study in balance. The square structure and flat roof is very minimalist-meets-modern, yet an ornate lattice panel (which is echoed on the back side of the home) injects an exotic Moroccan warmth to the stark white exterior. The yard also exudes a minimalist-meets-maximalist charm. Clusters of wild growing plants mimic a traditional grassy lawn on one half of the yard, while the other half is xeriscaped in stark contrast and adorned with spiky cacti.


Inside, the bright white walls, clean architectural lines, and wide windows bounce natural light around the home for a truly modern feel. A poppy-red couch, whimsical oil paintings, and a pair of mid-century-meets-space age light fixtures all team up to add some playfulness and character to the otherwise stark white interior. A narrow pool out back separates the home from the backyard carport and casita, creating two unique and functional spaces within one small compound.


This house reminds me that modern interior design doesn’t have to be all neutrals. Bright white mixed with pops of color and clean lines lends a beautiful modern feel to this home.

[Bracketed Space] House


The first word that came to mind when I saw the [Bracketed Space] House was sophistication. The garage on the left and the living space on the right are joined by a glass dining “bridge”—wall-to-ceiling windows that let in the light and serve as an anchor to give residents a feeling of privacy in one wing of the home while also connecting them with nature.


The dining bridge, like all of the rooms, is roomy and open with sense of calm and freedom, yet also works as the perfect space to gather. The many spacious windows throughout the home offer wide landscape views of the Rollingwood hills just beyond.


Modern homes like these remind me that keeping things light and airy is of utmost importance in both modern exteriors and modern interiors and it is often overlooked. Allowing just enough sunlight into a home is one of a designer’s greatest assets when it comes to bringing a home to life.

Jessie Street House


Each home has a story, and I particularly loved the story of the Jessie Street House. The family who commissioned it had some problems with their old home—it lacked light and had poor site drainage, which resulted in a mold and mildew infestation. That’s why it was so interesting to see the Jessie Street Home designed with their particular needs in mind.


With vertical wood paneling, an open-air staircase, and plenty of spacious windows throughout, the home exudes a modern industrial feel. But the details you don’t see upon first glance are just as important. The materials used to build the home—insulated concrete forms (ICF) and low or no VOC (volatile organic compounds) materials—as well as cutting-edge HVAC equipment contribute to a mold-free home that is both healthy and environmentally sound.


Modern interior design isn’t just about what you see – it’s also about what you don’t see. Environmental and even socially responsible materials are very de rigueur in modern design and something I feel passionate about myself as well.


Designed by MJ Neal Architect


When most people think of modern architecture, they think of straight lines, bright white, and materials like concrete and steel—they don’t usually think of bright colors and whimsical additions. But that’s just what I found in Transformer, the final pick for my favorites from the Austin Modern Home Tour.


This remodeled home is a great example of breaking the barrier between the home and the outdoors. A row of paneled skylights in the kitchen practically eliminates the need for artificial lighting. The bedroom features a floor-to-ceiling sliding glass door for a picturesque view to wake up to each morning. The house also boasts a garage-door-style wall that raises to the outside, fully mobile windows, and even a fold-down wall that opens the main living space to the outdoors, flooding the home with light and fresh air.


As if that weren’t enough, the home exterior features accent walls and trim painted in bright pops of turquoise, adding some funky charm to this innovative gem of a home. Again, modern architecture and modern interior design don’t have to be boring and all-neutral. I love seeing these pops of color bring a modern home to life!

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