East Austin Interior Design Services

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East Austin Interior Design Services

East Austin is a dynamic, creative area that is a continual source of energy and inspiration. This eclectic neighborhood merges sights from Austin’s historical past with high-end cocktail bars, international and vintage markets and boutiques, vibrant street art, and an exciting live music scene. Combined with its convenient location, walkability, green spaces, and incredible food options, it’s no wonder that East Austin has seen a huge growth in recent years.

Interior designer J.Fisher’s award-winning East Austin bungalow perfectly reflects the energy of the community, seamlessly blending designer pieces with Salvation Army finds, along with personal artifacts collected over a lifetime. The result is a modern eclectic style that is highly functional while remaining deeply personal, a perfect fit for her East Austin Chestnut neighborhood.

The Unique Style of East Austin

What makes East Austin a unique area for interior design services? East Austin celebrates juxtapositions, effortlessly transitioning from historic sites and museums to fresh new eateries and posh boutiques. The neighborhood incorporates multicultural and international influences, blues and rock music, street and outsider art, and environmental awareness to create a completely unique feel and mood. It’s diverse, exciting, and creative, allowing for almost any style and aesthetic form of personal expression.

East Austin Interior Design Trends and Inspiration

The unique character of this community is a constant source of inspiration for East Austin interior designers. Some of the most exciting design trends in the area include:

  • Local and green. East Austin is a hub of sustainable design and environmentally responsible living. From community gardens to sustainable new construction to climate-conscious renewal projects, there is a constant focus on using resources responsibly. From choosing locally-grown produce and locally-roasted coffee to incorporating live plants inside and outside of the home, East Austin keeps it green.
  • Unique and authentic. From handmade pieces to one-of-a-kind vintage finds, the East Austin style keeps it real. Even when mass-produced items are purchased or used, they tend to be rehabbed, repainted, repurposed, or transformed to make them more unusual and more reflective of a personal taste or aesthetic.
  • Street and folk art. East Austin is famous for its murals and street art, and the community is full of galleries, showcases, studios, and independent artists pushing the boundaries of personal expression. This provocative use of space, color, line, and shape is a constant inspiration for visitors and residents of East Austin.
  • Old meets new. From the historic Six Square and the Texas State Cemetery to the trendiest night spots and boutiques, East Austin seamlessly merges the past with the future. This is especially reflected in interior design and building trends, where remodels and rehabs take care to respect the original architecture, materials, and design choices while updating interiors.
  • Bold color choices. From the famous outdoor murals to the 6th Street cafes, East Austin is known for making bold use of color. It can be hot pink or jet black, but strong colors are used to set spaces apart, define a mood, express a perspective, and stand out from the crowd. While the street art aesthetic isn’t for everyone, the freedom to make big color choices can be incorporated into any design style and reflects the unique local vibe.
  • Weird. Austin is famous for its weirdness, allowing for all types of personalities and forms of expression. If it’s a bit offbeat and unexpected, it’s East Austin.

Interior Design Services Offered in East Austin

The diversity of East Austin is reflected in the range of homes and living spaces. Historic craftsman bungalows are nestled beside modern designer estates, while luxury condos and lofts are around the corner from charming tiny homes. The area contains multi-unit properties, single-family homes, breweries and retail spaces, and hotels and high-rise construction. East Austin interior designers have the opportunities (and the challenges) of working with a vast range of architecture and building styles, meeting a variety of different lifestyle needs and preferences.

  • East Austin residential interior design. How do residential interior design services in East Austin cater to different types of homes? East Austin has a tremendous diversity of residential architecture, from quirky bungalows to sleek penthouses. Whether the project is simply a refresh or an update, a complete overhaul, or new construction, the interior design needs to reflect, enhance, and celebrate the structure of the space. Great residential interior design focuses on creating homes that both look and feel beautiful, with comfortable livability and stylish aesthetics. At J.Fisher, we specialize in creating unique, authentic spaces that reflect the personalities and history of our clients while integrating the natural features of the architecture and surrounding landscape.
  • East Austin commercial interior design. Commercial interior design services in East Austin are a great opportunity to make retail or workspaces that create authentic brand experiences. Rather than constructing bland, impersonal spaces, we make spaces that inspire, connect, and showcase your vision and culture.
  • East Austin luxury interior design. In interior design, luxury isn’t about the budget: it’s about the details. Whether your style is high fashion or retro funk, we will work with you to create the home of your dreams, down to the smallest particulars.

Sustainable and Eco-Friendly Interior Design in East Austin

Sustainability and care for the environment are something we are passionate about at J.Fisher, and we integrate them into every aspect of our interior design services. Our team is an expert at making more eco-conscious, sustainable choices at every phase of design. Some of the eco-friendly practices we focus on include:

  • Using natural and sustainable materials. Natural materials like wood, stone, and wool can be responsibly harvested and locally produced. Not only do these materials look and feel more beautiful in the home, but they can be made without VOCs and other chemicals that harm indoor air quality.
  • Reducing water and energy usage. Interior design plays a surprisingly important role in energy consumption in a home. Everything from window and floor treatments to lighting choices and even wall colors can affect the energy usage in a home. Choosing smart appliances and fixtures reduces not just energy bills but also water usage.
  • Upcycle and recycle. Forget the big box stores. Residents of East Austin have great opportunities to hit handmade and vintage boutiques to find one-of-a-kind pieces that are eco-friendly and create a truly distinctive home.
  • Mindful design. Sustainable design goes beyond decor. Part of the process of interior design is making smart, thoughtful choices about every aspect of your lifestyle. In some cases, this may mean streamlining, decluttering, and curating your home. Designing a simpler, more organized, more mindful way of life can have a surprising impact on your environmental footprint, as well as affect your mood and stress levels.

Today, green design is more accessible, affordable, and luxurious than ever before, allowing us to care for the environment without compromising on style. J.Fisher’s East Austin interior design services specialize in smart, vegan, eco-friendly interior design for every aspect of a home.

Working with East Austin Interior Design Services

How do East Austin interior designers incorporate the area’s distinct style and aesthetic into their designs? East Austin murals, artworks, cafes, boutiques, and clubs tend to feature a colorful, casual, maximalist aesthetic that incorporates a sweeping range of influences. While this style looks great on Instagram, it may be too much for a home where a sense of calm and comfort is essential. However, we can incorporate aspects of this aesthetic influence into almost any style of interior, giving a home the specific energy, sense of place, and perspective unique to East Austin. After all, we are locals and take in these energies and influences every day.

Over the years, J.Fisher has developed a detailed process that helps us design spaces that enhance your lifestyle and reflect your personality, whether we are working with clients here in East Austin or around the world. Our design brief is so much more than just a contact form, and we’ve also developed quizzes and questionnaires to help you get started on the interior design journey.

J.Fisher Interiors has been recognized as a Top Rated East Austin interior designer and was named one of the best interior designers of 2021 by Austin Monthly. We love being part of this vibrant, exciting community and are passionate about creating homes and workspaces that reflect the unique aesthetic and energy of East Austin. If you are looking for luxury interior design incorporating the style, values, and vibe of this incredible neighborhood, contact us or schedule a consultation today.


J.Fisher Interiors’ studio is located in east Austin. To schedule your consultation appointment, please fill out the contact form or call us at 512.954.0904. We would love to hear from you!

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Design Consultation

J.Fisher Interiors’ studio is located in east Austin. To schedule your consultation appointment, please fill out the contact form or call us at 512.954.0904. We would love to hear from you!