What is Luxury Interior Design?

What makes luxury design… luxury? Like most design terms, “luxury” is hard to define. However, most luxury spaces have a few common elements that unite them. Luxury homes focus on comfort, elegance, and custom touches to embody the highest pedigree of interior design. Basically, you know it when you see it. Here are six things you should consider in your next luxury interior design project.

Comfort Meets Luxury


In luxury homes, comfort is often a priority—but not the Lazy-Boy version of comfort. No, we’re talking the 1,000 thread count sheets and designer tile heated floors kind of comfort. Whether it’s a plush duvet cover or a relaxation-inspired claw-foot tub, a luxury home means stylish comfort. Soft, inviting rugs and upholstery, spa-worthy showers and baths, sumptuous curtains and pillows, and seating options that look as good as they feel are musts in a modern luxury home.


Luxury interior designers mix style with pleasure and ease for every aspect of daily life by choosing materials and room designs that are on-trend while also maintaining inviting softness and utility. Say goodbye to ugly recliners, scratchy sheets, tough carpeting, and uncomfy spaces in a luxury home.

Those Personal Touches


Luxury design is an expression of self as much as an exercise in style or comfort. Luxury interior designers encourage their clients to bring a little bit of their own personalities to the plate in their designs and incorporate those in a luxurious way. Examples include using a piece of children’s art in a large lucite floating frame with brushed gold hardware elegantly affixed to a statement wall, or reupholstering a beloved couch in a modern fabric.


Whether your taste tends toward the eclectic or the subtle, a standout accent piece with a luxurious twist really makes luxury design feel personal. A unique feature wall, an unusual sculpture, or a beautiful light fixture are all great places to make your presence felt.

Attention to the Details


The little things count, especially in places like the kitchen and the bathroom. Detailed tile designs and beautiful fixtures and hardware can elevate even the most drab spaces. Luxury design also includes pieces with unique accents, such as an unusual carving on a chair back or unique hardware on a wardrobe. Interior designers with luxury tastes use subtle details like these to give a room presence and character—even when viewed from up close!

Sustainable, Harm-free Materials


Gone are the days of furs and unsustainably harvested wood floors. Today’s luxury homes feature accents and materials that are as great for the earth and its creatures as they are stylish. VOC-free paints, sustainable wood, and cruelty-free upholsteries and coverings are the rule of the day. At J.Fisher Interiors, we use vegan products where at all possible, so you don’t have to worry about your furry friends when you hire us for your luxury interior design.

High-Tech Meets High-Class


To live well in this century, you need to have access to the latest tech. The trouble is, it isn’t always the nicest thing to look at, especially when it comes to cords and wires. Luxury interior designers find ways to disguise technology so their clients get all the convenience of tech without the eyesores. Whether it’s a discreet charging station tucked in a kitchen drawer or a cabinet to hide the television, we keep electronics out of sight and mind until they’re needed.

Thoughtful Design


The elegance of even the most stellar home is lost when it’s not usable. Drawers that crash into other drawers, doors that don’t open all the way, or too-small spaces really kill the feeling of luxury. Luxury interior designers don’t forget about the practical elements of living in a home. Instead, they design rooms around their inhabitants’ natural flow and daily lives.


There’s a lot to take into consideration with luxury interior design. It’s a juggling act between the different elements, but you don’t have to do it on your own. J.Fisher Interiors would love to oversee your next interior design project. We understand the challenges of luxury design and can create spaces that exude both style and comfort. And that, on its own, is truly priceless!


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