Top 3 Office Design Mistakes

Jennifer loves working with small urban spaces. Her eclectic mix of modern and bohemian style lends itself to her hunting down one-of-a-kind pieces (often for a bargain). To create an impressive style for a small work space on a budget, here are her tips in avoiding office design mistakes:

  1. Keep colors and patterns simple, and repetitive

    When it comes to commercial interior design, keep the eye focused and don’t overwhelm with too much information. Sticking to one to two colors, and similar patterns, decor items, and themes is key for creating a styled space that doesn’t look cluttered. Repetition is your friend. You don’t have to match (and definitely don’t want to be too matchy), but stick to a color palette and run with it.

  2. Keep it light and airy

    The biggest tip to make your small space feel big is to buy furniture and decor pieces proportional to the size of your office. For example, if you have a small living room, don’t stuff it with an oversized desk and large chairs. The space will feel crammed, not cozy. What’s popular in commercial interior design in Austin is to stick to low profile (think mid-century modern or Scandinavian design) pieces. Chairs with low backs, legs, and tufted cushions. Small accent chairs. Any furniture with legs is good, this will allow you to see more of the floor and the space will feel more open.

  3. Less is more

    This final tip will save you space and money! Often, office interior designers feel the need to over purchase for your small space. Investing in a few cohesive necessary pieces will serve you better than over investing in an array of clutter. A small space doesn’t need to be filled like a large one to feel cozy. Take a minimalist approach, and get things with warm colors and textures to give it a cozy feel.

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