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Spruce Up Your Commercial Space for Winter

If you’ve ever made a trip to New York City around Christmastime to see the window displays at Bloomingdales, Saks, and Tiffany’s, you’ll know why a merry storefront is so important. NYC goes all out in preparation for Christmas, and each window is basically its own beautiful work of art. And even if you can’t pull off this kind of decorating grandeur, you should still consider decorating your commercial space for the holidays.

Just think about how that shiny storefront will affect the customers who visit your space. A well-designed holiday display can be tantalizing to window shoppers, who will feel a hypnotic pull into your store—as well as a hypnotic voice telling them to open their wallets! And if you give them a beautiful sight to behold, they’ll remember you each year because of it. Here’s how to spruce up your commercial space for the winter holidays.

Choose a Theme

Can we be real about something? Traditional Christmas colors of primary red and green are—how do I say this nicely so I won’t be put on the naughty list?—just not that easy on the eyes. Yes, they’re opposites on the color wheel and all, but in some cases they can look a bit tacky.

And even if red and green are your cup of tea, you can almost certainly agree with the fact that it’s always fun to see new decorating themes—and unique color combinations—used around the holidays. That’s why I’m here to show you that there are plenty of other ways to think about your holiday decor—including other colors that can be just as festive!

  • Neon and silver: Think outside the box about traditional holiday colors and get experimental. A dominating silver—along with pops of neon, or a heavier dose if you’re the adventurous type—looks bold and sophisticated all at once. Plus, who can say no to some super-bright color in the drudge of winter weather?
  • Retro: Why not evoke nostalgia of bygone holidays in your shop or restaurant? Try aluminum or tinsel trees, a color wheel and bubble lights, and tinsel everywhere for a very retro holiday display that’s fun and nostalgic.
  • Rustic Scandinavian: For a complete 360 from the retro Christmas, pare down the decor. Create a whitewashed wall or snowy scene for the backdrop, and complement with plenty of greenery and nature brought inside. Skip the glitzy ornaments and stick with red ribbons or Fair Isle print in red and white for a truly Nordic holiday.
  • Woodland forest: Transform your window space or interior into a woodland wonderland this holiday season with forest finds like deer, bears, mushrooms, and of course, plenty of snow-capped evergreens. Rustic materials like bristle ornaments, shiplap, cardboard, and wood will help elevate the woodsy Christmas storybook vibe.

Incorporate the Elements of Decor

Now that you’ve chosen a theme, it’s time to get cracking on transforming your space from ho-hum business space to festive holiday haven. Here are the decorating boxes you must check:

  • Lights: Nothing says festive like the glow of string lights at Christmastime. Hang them around the perimeter of your space, across the ceiling, lining the meeting of two walls—wherever you like! And while you’re at it, get creative with the way you show them off. Cluster them in glass cloches, twine them around bare branches, or even create a full-size Christmas tree out of string lights by hanging separate strands from the ceiling and affixing them to the floor in the shape of a tree. Because they come in a variety of colors, you can find the perfect way to match or complement your chosen decorating theme.
  • Props: Bring your theme to life with props that tell a story. If you’re going for a whimsical Santa’s elves’ toyshop theme, you can’t go wrong with some elaborately wrapped “gifts,” small workbenches, and plenty of elf hats. Prefer a neon Christmas candy shop? Strings of candy, gingerbread houses, and oversized lollipops and candy canes will do the trick.
  • Signage: Make sure your signage speaks to the season and to your theme. This is such an important detail that’s often overlooked.

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