Nursery Themes for Giggles and Soothing

Nursery Themes for Giggles and Soothing

Welcoming a new baby is both a delight and a challenge. Decorating a nursery is an opportunity to exercise creativity and create a room that is unique in your home, and for your child. But what are the best nursery themes, and how do you create a room that is both joyful and soothing?

Does Color Scheme Matter in Nursery Design?

Color scheme is one of the most effective ways to both create a design theme and promote specific moods and emotions. Scientific studies using the Pleasure/Arousal/Dominance emotional state model show that:

  • The most pleasurable hues are blue, blue-green, green, red-purple, purple, and purple-blue, while-yellow, and green-yellow are the least pleasant
  • The most exciting hues are green-yellow, blue-green, and green, while purple-blue and yellow-red are the least exciting
  • The most dominant hue is green-yellow, while red-purple is the least dominant

Studies also show that babies, even before their visual sense of color is fully developed, react and respond to the color of their environments. Choosing the right color scheme for your nursery theme can affect the emotions and mental state of even very small children.

Best Nursery Color Palettes for Joy and Soothing

As early as the age of 3, children begin associating certain colors with certain emotions and states of mind. Unsurprisingly, the “feelings” of certain colors for babies are very similar to those feelings in adults, which makes it easy to design a nursery that both you and your baby will find soothing and enjoyable. Here are the best colors for use in a nursery:

  • Yellow. Yellow is the most cheerful, joyous color in the spectrum. Yellow is bright, energizing, and refreshing, and affects memory and motivation. Because yellow is so energetic a color, it is recommended to tint or tone yellow to a less intense shade or combine it with blue or green for a more restful color palette.
  • Blue. Blue is the most calming and relaxing color in the spectrum. Blue reduces body temperature and blood pressure and promotes restful sleep. However, when blue is overly dominant in the palette, or when very dark shades are used, blue may also seem cold or melancholy. Combining blue with contrasting colors like yellow preserves warmth and happiness in a space.
  • Green. Green is also a very relaxing color and is strongly associated with growth and health. Green is also located very near the center of the color spectrum, and nearest the center of the retina, making it the color that is easiest for a baby’s developing eyes to see, and enhancing visual acuity for other colors in the spectrum. In a color palette, green is an excellent way to balance the happiness of yellow hues with the calm of blues.

Choosing a color palette for a nursery will anchor the rest of the design, and promote the desired mood and emotion of the room.

Nursery Themes for a Calm, Happy Atmosphere

The hottest nursery design trend at the moment is choosing nursery themes that are more sophisticated and mature, making a room that is calming and soothing for a baby but also relaxing and enjoyable for an adult. Some of the best nursery design themes of the moment are:

  • Shading toward neutral. While modern nurseries are still cheerful, colorful rooms, they aren’t the saturated, primary color hues of yesterday. Parents are choosing nursery color palettes in pastels, accented with neutral shades, for a more mature design that incorporates into the decor of the rest of the home.
  • Patterned walls. Nursery design is seeing a huge resurgence of wall patterns. Parents are choosing wallpaper, stencils, and painting techniques that create cheerful, upbeat patterns. Along with the trend toward sophistication, these patterns are usually nature-based with leaves and botanicals, modest shapes, or abstract designs, instead of the baby-centered imagery of the past.
  • Bring in nature. Today’s nursery themes incorporate nature in a variety of ways. Maximizing natural light, using natural materials like wood and rattan, borrowing colors and patterns from nature, and accenting with natural textures like linen is incredibly hot right now. Consider adding (child-safe) plants to promote an even healthier atmosphere.

How Can J.Fisher Help?

The award-winning designers at J.Fisher are experts at creating rooms that are full of giggles and soothing. We can create a nursery that meets all the needs of a growing family and promotes health and happiness from the very beginning. Contact us for the very best contemporary but timeless nursery design.


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J.Fisher Interiors’ studio is located in east Austin. To schedule your consultation appointment, please fill out the contact form or call us at 512.954.0904. We would love to hear from you!