Man Cave Design that Roars

Man caves were all the rage in the early 2000s, with books, TV shows, and design trend pieces focused on these masculine spaces. In recent years, as entertaining in small indoor spaces became less popular, the trend has evolved in new and unexpected directions. Let’s look at the state of the man cave, and explore some of the current design trends and color schemes for man caves.

The Rise (and Fall?) of Man Caves

In the 90s, the principle of the man cave was based on the idea that women control the design and features of almost all aspects of home decor. Men who wanted to casually socialize with each other at home often spent their time in traditionally masculine spaces like the garage or a garden shed. The “man cave” concept created masculine spaces within the home, with more creature comforts like refrigerators, large TVs and gaming areas, and better lighting and heating than a typical basement or garage.

In recent years, the term “man cave” has declined in popularity, partly because it is based on often-outdated ideas about gender and home design. Today, people are looking for man cave designs and masculine spaces that are more integrated with the needs of the whole family and the design of the entire home.

Current Man Cave Design Trends

Overall, man caves seem to be growing up in many ways. Here are the top three man cave design trends for 2022:

  1. Sophistication. Man cave design used to be focused on re-creating the casual atmosphere of a dorm room, sports bar, or themed hobby space. Today’s man cave is more sophisticated and mature, omitting neon beer signs and pin-up posters, and opting for fine art, subdued lighting, and coherent design principles.
  2. Integration. Men are no longer banished to the basement, garage, or garden shed. Today’s man cave is integrated into the design and functionality of the entire home. Contemporary color schemes for a man cave are reflective of the color palette of the entire home, and the space is designed to be used by all members of the family.
  3. Hobby and recreation. A man cave has always been designed around specific hobbies and recreational activities, and this trend continues today. Man cave design is optimized for specific activities, whether it is for watching (or playing) games, making or enjoying music, or hosting casual cocktail parties at home.

What to Consider in Man Cave Design

When designing a modern man cave, here are some of the key design principles to keep in mind:

  • Functionality. If your man cave will be designed for watching games on a big-screen TV, enjoying a pool or poker table, or hosting events at a home bar, this functionality will determine the size, scale, and layout of your masculine space. Remember that pool tables have specific lighting, space, and care requirements, while large televisions and displays need a room layout optimized for lighting and sound, and a home bar may need plumbing and appliances. The primary function and activity of the space will determine the rest of the design.
  • Color scheme. A contemporary color scheme for a man cave is often integrated into the color palette of the entire home, anchored by great neutrals and accented with home colors that have been tinted or toned into more muted, masculine shades. Popular man cave colors include navy blues, forest greens, and charcoal grays.
  • Textures and textiles. Man cave decor is often anchored by natural textures and materials with a masculine feel. Leather, wood, and stone are popular materials in a man cave, creating a rich, luxurious atmosphere.
  • Lighting. While the function of a man cave influences the lighting needs and design, most man caves choose multiple sources of indirect lighting, rather than bright overhead fixtures. Add ambient light behind screens or monitors, beneath cabinets, or behind shelving. Consider lamps and wall sconces rather than central lighting fixtures.

How Can J.Fisher Help?

The modern man cave is a mature, masculine, recreational space, designed to be shared and enjoyed by friends and family. It serves the needs of everyone in the home, and is integrated into the design and functionality of the entire home. A great man cave is optimized for enjoying your favorite activities and relaxing at home. In fact, you don’t even need to be a man to create and enjoy these special spaces.

At J.Fisher Interiors, we are experts at designing man caves and recreational areas that are both luxurious and functional, with a contemporary feel that is casual and sophisticated. Contact us today to learn more about how to design the ultimate modern man cave.


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