My Favorite Commercial Design Trends of 2019

It’s a really exciting time to be a commercial designer. Retailers and other businesses are finally ditching the industrial, big-box-type interiors for curated personalized designs—and frankly, I couldn’t be happier.


Beautiful, thoughtful spaces make working and shopping a lot more fun, and as an interior designer, I do a lot of both. Here are a few of the best commercial interior design trends making waves this year.

Green Gets a Brand


As a vegan, I’m pretty familiar with greens—both on the plate and inside the commercial spaces I design. One of my favorite trends this year builds off of last year’s obsession with the decorative use of plants. So-called biophilic designs, like living walls, vertical gardens, and wide, open windows, have upped the ante in today’s offices, restaurants, and retail centers. They are creating spaces that allow customers and employees alike to commune with nature while they go about their day.


This year’s trends take commerce-plus-nature to the extreme, with brands that are literally green. Businesses are embedding their logo into green walls, then topping it all off with wood, stone, and other natural materials that show their support for all things green and growing. More power to that!

Redefining the Shopping Experience


A word that commercial designers are hearing a lot these days is “experiential”; as online shopping continues to lure buyers away from brick-and-mortar shops, retailers are rethinking the traditional retail design.


Expect to see more spaces taking a boutique approach to their wares, with fewer items on display amid unique design features like color-blocked walls, unexpected shelving, and playful lighting, designed to give customers a one-of-a-kind shopping experience.


Some retailers may take the trend even further with interactive areas—like the Adidas store in New York City, which features an in-store track where runners can test their shoes and have their stride analyzed. Other retailers feature in-store spas, salons, and interactive digital and VR booths. Basically, it’s a whole new world for retail design.

Something Old, Something New


If this year’s design had a catch phrase, it would be “anything goes.” A major trend this year is old-meets-new, where classic artisan elements and mid-century modern pieces mingle happily with glass and metal accents and abstract design.


This trend is especially evident in offices, where a mix-and-match aesthetic conveys both a company’s commitment to tradition and its desire to embrace innovation. Many enterprising businesses are taking up residence in traditional industry centers such as abandoned factories, shipyards, and railway stations, and decorating their interiors with elements that reflect the history of the space.

The Geometry of Commerce


One trend that’s coming back in a big way in the retail space is geometric patterns. I’ve seen abstract chandeliers and pendant lights, bold decorative patterning on walls, splashy tiling in eye-popping colors, and even tribal patterns making an appearance in retail and offices alike.


Patterns are a beautiful way to add subtle accents to a minimalist space. They add a wonderful tension with today’s clean lines and streamlined furniture—especially more ornate patterns in unusual places, such as along doorways, on shelves and cabinets, and as “statement ceilings.” I really can’t get enough of it!

If you’re searching for a new look for your retail location, office, restaurant, or other business, I’d love to help you find that perfect design. Check out my portfolio to see some of my past work, or get in touch directly to learn how J.Fisher Interiors can help you breathe new life into your commercial space.


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