What’s Your Design Style?

Interior designers typically start an engagement by trying to gauge a client’s design style. But one of the most common concerns we hear from new clients is that they don’t know how to explain their style. Some clients don’t even think they have a style! But most do.

While we’re confident that we can help you articulate exactly what will make your heart flutter when it comes to home decor and interior design, design quizzes are also a fun way to get the creative juices flowing. Get started with a few our our favorites below and give us a call to tell us what your results were!


Houzz Style Quiz

Head to Houzz to answer these fun questions and find out what your decorating style is.












Color Analysis

This color analysis test will help you determine which hues are right for you!










Ready to get started? We’re looking forward to hearing the results of your style tests and finding your perfect style for your home. Contact us today.


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