Commercial Design Trends for 2018

If you’re looking for great examples of commercial interior design, Austin is a great city for it. Our “Keep Austin Weird” mentality keeps things funky, funky fresh. Here we look at some fun and unexpected design trends we think will be making a statement in the office/commercial interior design world in 2018.

Back that Brass Up! 

Photography by Tim Williams

Brass, silver, or rose gold, we love it all! Bringing these metallic elements into a commercial office setting can create fun focal points in your business. Try a metal bookshelf or even tin tiles on a wall or ceiling. Mixing metals is also trending for 2018, as long as your keep a balance in your spaces. Add a brass planter or bronze fixtures for a hint of shine. Accenting your office with these bright shiny materials will catch your customer’s eye and create a fun and modern looking space.

All Velvet Errythang!

Photography by Paul-Winch Furness courtesy of Clerkenwell Grind, London UK, design by Biasol

Velvet is in and isn’t leaving anytime soon. Those that are interested in fashion have seen this trend cropping up and are now wanting to immerse their whole life in velvet. This soft gorgeous fabric is a great way to add texture and warmth to any room – including commercial spaces. Try adding some velvet throw pillows or some velvet upholstered chairs to your work space for a hit of cozy luxury.


Marble Prints and Surfaces ASAP Please!

Photography by Tim Williams

Sleek and timeless, marble surfaces are popping everywhere. And they’re not just for homes. When designing office bathrooms, kitchens, floors or even walls and ceilings, we can’t help but include marble in our list of design ideas. Marble brings sleek luxury into your work space and adds opulence to any office or commercial space. Try it as a bathroom wall or a kitchen island countertop in your store or office space for an unexpected and impressive upgrade!


Bring the Outdoors In, Yo!

Photography by Whit Preston

Bring literal life into your office spaces by adding houseplants in various places. Plants are generally very inexpensive and have great visual interest. Worried you don’t have a green thumb? Succulents are adorable and require minimal watering. Another hearty option is a fiddle leaf fig. You’ll see these gorgeous trees in almost any chic space these days. And their low maintenance nature makes them perfect for almost any office space. Just be sure to place them near a window with bright light!


Spa-Inspired Restrooms

Photography by Tim Williams

You don’t have to sacrifice style in the restroom. Commercial interior design includes restrooms too! And because everyone loves a spa-like bathroom, every business can include a restroom with a zen feel. Bright whites, luxurious candles and fun accessories can turn your drab loo into a place of relaxation. Beautiful storage containers and canisters can add visual interest while bringing simple elegance to your bathroom. Show your employees and customers they can pamper themselves, even in the most unexpected places.


Shop Local (you know, keep Austin weird and stuff)

Image courtesy of Prize Austin202 Colorado St, Austin, TX 78701

As a local business, we strive to support those who also own local businesses. At smaller shops you can find more unique pieces that can create great points of conversation in your commercial space. Local thrift stores, flea markets, estate sales, Ebay, and even Craigslist can be treasure troves of unique pieces that will bring something special to your commercial interior design project.


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