Best Commercial Interior Design Spaces in Austin

Believe it or not, in other cities around the world, hotels and restaurants aren’t always known for their exciting decor. But this is Austin, a city in a class by itself. Instead of the bland industrial elements you usually find in commercial interior design, Austin’s restaurants, boutiques, and hotels are brimming with originality. Here, rustic chic blends seamlessly with modern edge. Farmhouse style sits harmoniously next to sophisticated luxury—and everything has just a pinch of that Austin je ne sais quoi.


It’s one of the reasons I enjoy living here so much. Well, that, and the music, and the breakfast tacos, and the weather—actually, I could go on and on about why I love this city. To prove it, I’ve picked out some of my favorite Austin spaces, places where the decor really speaks for itself. Read on to join me on a virtual tour of some of the most beautiful commercial spaces in Austin, and maybe find a new favorite or two of your own!

110 San Antonio St., Suite 170


Designer: Michael Hsu

The decor in this modern Mexican eatery is just as pretty as its plates, complete with spacious windows, geometric patterns on the wall, and a muted but surprising color palette of sandstone and ochre. The statement ceiling, composed entirely of molded blond wood, will send chills down your spine. Highly recommend!

1800 E. 6th St.


The comfortable energy of the Suerte space is evident as soon as you walk in. Huge cacti and agave plants outside set the tone, while wide booth seating, whimsical light fixtures, and warm earth tones bring a welcoming, homey feel to complement the interior Mexican fare. It’s a great mix of clean modern finishes and organic accents—one of my favorite combinations.

1603 S. Congress Ave.


Designer: Michael Hsu

Seriously, how beautiful is this space? A minimalist industrial-meets-warm aesthetic is perfectly paired with eye-catching plants, with a few pops of unexpected color to round things out. There are plenty of interesting patterns in the window frames, exterior brickwork, and open shelving—clean lines galore, which really give you a feeling of calm.

4715 E. 5th St.


Designer: Design Hound

This is one of the most interesting spaces in a city full of great commercial interior design. Austin’s The Brewer’s Table is a craft brewery and bistro all in one, and the aesthetic perfectly matches our fair city’s quirky-but-classy reputation. Splashes of red and black up the ante in this restaurant, while eclectic chandeliers and family-style seating transport you to a strange polynesian-meets-space-station-style decor. Built in a refurbished Quonset hut, this is one space you cannot miss!

1316 S. Congress Ave.


Designer: Bunkhouse Group

Shaded by walls of tall bamboo, Hotel San José is a secret garden tucked away on South Congress. Here, laid-back California style meets Austin quirk; a Spanish tiled pool sits happily beside a horizontal slat fence; distressed painted floors the color of baked adobe stand out against splashy patterned linens. Designed by Bunkhouse Group, the minds behind iconic South Congress spaces like the Austin Motel and Jo’s Coffee, Hotel San José is the pinnacle of effortless cool. Sitting on its patio with a few choice friends, you feel instantly more sophisticated (and maybe a little mysterious, too)—exactly why it makes my list of great commercial spaces in the city.

Like what you see? Get in touch now to learn more about my design point of view and to discuss how we can take your commercial space to the next level. Until then, I’ll catch you around town!


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