8 Ways to Make Your Home Feel More “Austin”

  1. Marble

    Austin homes tend to be decked out with gorgeous slabs of imported Italian marble in the kitchen and baths, completed with accented edges allowing for a home of comfort and style. Marble also allows you to choose the direction of your renovations for either a modern or subtle look.

  2. Muted Color Palettes

    With such colorful surroundings in the Hill Country, a muted color palette helps radiate the natural beauty of Austin and still have your home looking refined. This also allows for more room to add colorful accents to make your home personalized.

  3. Cement Tile

    A durable and inexpensive way to live lavishly in the heat of Austin summers is with cement tile. It is a cooler material option for kitchens and baths. You also have the options between sleek and plain or fun bohemian patterns. There has even been a trend shift to Brutalism – which relies more on a Spanish style of cement tiling which can be painted to look more at home with eclectic designs.

  4. Wide Glass Panel Doors

    With wide glass panel doors, the interior design of your home is complemented by the flow of natural beauty of the great outdoors of Austin. These panel doors are popular because they offer a sense of privacy, while allowing a visible connection between two spaces.

  5. Outdoor Kitchens

    Austin is a melting pot of tradition and change. What better way to switch up your home for a more Austin vibe than adding an outdoor kitchen? An outdoor kitchen will bring both functionality and beauty to the traditional backyard barbecue with customized outdoor cooking spaces.

  6. Redefining with Rugs

    A freshly painted wall isn’t the only way to give your space a fresh look, one of the unsung heroes of room renovation arsenal is right under your toes – the rug. While a rug might seem like a finishing touch, it is more often the very soul of the room. It’s the subtle melody that plays in the background while the rest of the decor carries the lyrics.

  7. Small Scale Furniture

    Small scale furniture seems to be a trend Austin residents love now more than ever. The layout of large geometric patterns against smaller furniture helps to create an ambiance of making both a large or small room, bigger. Either way, small scale furniture is compatible for both.

  8. Metal Accents

    Many different types of metal accents can be found in Austin homes. Brass seems to be the favored piece of metal, however. The shift to warmer, gold accents for hardware comes from the rising popularity of the rose gold trend. It has made its way from fashion and accessories, straight into homes baths, kitchens and more.

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