5 Questions to Ask When Hiring an Interior Designer

It is important when you hire an interior designer to ask essential questions to clarify your needs and the ability of the designer to meet those needs. The relationship you create with your designer is very intimate; you are inviting he or she into your personal space and allowing them to essentially alter your life. Jennifer Fisher likes to think of this process of hiring the correct interior designer for your space as the beginning of “dating.” As a client, you need to make sure you and your designer have chemistry and you set the foundation for your relationship. :

  1. Timeline

    Since this is your home that you are living in or moving into, it is important to understand the time commitment you’re making when you hire an interior designer. If you are expecting a short turn-around time and the designer likes to take longer on his or her projects, this may not work. This also is important to know so you and the interior design can gauge how realistic your timeline is with your space.

  2. Style

    What kind of color palette do they usually gravitate toward, where do they seek inspiration, what trends are they currently into, and what styles peak their interest? These are all important things to know when talking to potential designers. If their style is drastically different than your own, it may be difficult to work together. This is your space, so it is important that your style and personality shine through it rather than your designer’s.

  3. Budget

    Sticking to your budget and having your designer understand it, is vital. It is important to know what is the budget the potential designer typically works with and if what you are willing to put in is do-able for the designer. Also, knowing how they manage the project budget is important, which allows transparency with how your money is being spent. Finding out if the budget is readily available for you to view at any time and if you able to request changes to it, can be a make or break the deal.

  4. Pieces

    If all the designer’s purchases are one-of-a-kind customized pieces, a majority of your budget is going to go towards that. But, if your designer is a savvy shopper who frequents thrift stores and estate sales, you know that your budget will go much further. This is also important to know if you are seeking unique pieces and how big your project is.

  5. Communication

    Hiring an interior designer who will be able to cater to your communication needs is extremely important. Finding out potential designers’ communication style and preferred method of communication is a crucial deciding factor when dealing with something so personal as your home — the place where you create your memories. It is natural to want to be as involved with the design process as possible so having that open communication with your designer is crucial.

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