3 Spare Room Ideas That Will Make Your Space Shine

3 Spare Room Ideas That Will Make Your Space Shine

Is there a room in your home that doesn’t serve a purpose? Does its sparse décor and bland aesthetic clash with the rest of your home’s design? Or is it simply failing to live up to its full potential? If you answered yes to any of those questions, we’re here to help. These three spare room interior design ideas will transform your neglected, underused space from lackluster to luxe:[vc_single_image image=”1943″ img_size=”large” alignment=”center”]

Images courtesy of our Red Bud project, Western Living Magazine  and The Fox Group

  1. A versatile flex room that functions as an office and a guest bedroom;
  2. A tranquil studio that’s ideal for yoga, Pilates, or any other mat-based workout; or
  3. A relaxed media room where family and friends can unwind and watch movies together.


Whether you’re envisioning a ’70’s-inspired bohemian guest bedroom or a traditional-modern home office, you can elevate your spare room’s design with stylish, functional furniture; on-trend accessories; modern light fixtures; and creative storage options. If you need some help, an Austin interior designer can ensure your spare room’s design and décor really stand out.

First Thing’s First

Before you dive into transforming your spare room, know the answers to these questions:


  • What’s your budget? If it’s tight, you’ll get the most mileage out of a few classic furniture pieces and some fashionable accessories. But if you have some money to play with, consider updating your flooring, having some fun with wall coverings, or installing high-quality shelving to maximize space.
  • How large is the room? The amount of space you have to work with will help you determine the function of the room and its layout. An interior designer can help you determine the ideal furniture arrangement for your spare room and guide you in buying properly scaled pieces.
  • How will the spare room fit your lifestyle? Transforming a spare room into a home gym may be the best bet for fitness fanatics. But a work-from-home parent in a small house may get the most mileage from a dual guest room-office setup. Take your current needs and priorities into account before you commence with the design process.

Office/Guest Room[vc_single_image image=”1945″ img_size=”570×350″]

Image courtesy of our Red Bud project

Once you’ve nailed down your budget and have a vision for your spare room decorating ideas, you’re ready to get started. As the name implies, a flex room that functions as both a guest quarters and an office will afford you a good deal of flexibility in the design.


If your flex room is small, shelving and cabinets are your best friends. Adjustable versions give you room to customize and alter the shelving configurations as your needs change. If you can swing it financially and you have a bigger room to work with, a wall of built-in cabinetry is a high-end touch that makes organization and storage a breeze.


To make the most of the space you have in your flex room, we recommend investing in an upscale sleeper sofa that allows you to store the bed when it’s not in use. If the room lacks a closet, add an armoire, which can store a printer and TV cabinet while also providing guests with a place to stow their clothes.


To give the room added character, put plywood on the walls, and give it a few coats of paint. The visible grain adds a refined texture to the room. You can brighten up and modernize the room with our favorite paint color, Decorator’s White by Benjamin Moore. To really make the flex room shine, add a chandelier, a textured wallpaper, colorful throw pillows, or lamps with metallic bases made of brass, silver, or rose gold.Spare Room Yoga Studio[vc_single_image image=”1946″ img_size=”360×570″ onclick=”custom_link” img_link_target=”_blank” link=””]

Image courtesy of  Western Living Magazine

Are you more comfortable holding downward-facing dog than sitting at a desk? If so, a home yoga studio may be in your future design plans. You don’t need a huge space or a ton of accessories and furniture to pull off a peaceful studio.


If you want your space to resemble a commercial yoga studio, you’ll need a flat, hard surface. Already have wood floors? You’re set. If you don’t, consider installing cork, a durable, stylish, inexpensive option that has a natural cushion to it. Add an authentic touch with a row of floor-to-ceiling mirrors covering one wall.


A few cabinets and bins to store yoga mats and blocks, towels, hand weights, and any other equipment should suffice. If the room has windows, you may want to install high-quality blinds to control the amount of sun that comes into the room. If you’re likely to work up a sweat, a contemporary ceiling fan in brushed chrome, silver, bronze, or white might be a smart addition to the room.


There are no hard-and-fast rules when it comes to decorating your yoga studio, so let your personality shine through. You can add pops of color with curtains, artwork, or painted cabinets. Or you can use a neutral paint color on the walls and install wooden shelving for a simple, organic aesthetic.Bedroom Turned Media Room[vc_single_image image=”1947″ img_size=”570×570″]

Image courtesy of The Fox Group

If sitting in a dark movie theater with a box of warm, buttery popcorn on your lap is your idea of heaven, why not skip the concessions line and convert your spare bedroom into a media room? With a properly designed space, you’ll have no problem hosting your closest friends and family for movie marathon weekends.


For a media room, you’ll need a simple layout that provides plenty of space for a wall-mounted large-screen TV. Having the right sound system is important. You can choose wireless or wired speakers, which may require in-wall installation.


If you have the budget to make an elaborate statement, add stadium seating covered in an easy-to-clean vegan leather alternative. Floor-to-ceiling curtains on the inside of the door add to the authentic movie-going experience.


If the spare bedroom you’re converting into a media room has windows, install blackout curtains. Bookshelves or a large media cabinet provides storage for your massive DVD collection.

Take your media room’s décor to the next level with plush throw pillows and blankets at each seat. If the seats don’t have built-in drink holders, place a small end table between them. Add some visual interest with framed movie posters adorning the walls.


If the idea of tackling a spare room decorating project on your own intimidates or overwhelms you, contact J.Fisher Interior Design for expert guidance.


J.Fisher Interiors’ studio is located in east Austin. To schedule your consultation appointment, please fill out the contact form or call us at 512.954.0904. We would love to hear from you!

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J.Fisher Interiors’ studio is located in east Austin. To schedule your consultation appointment, please fill out the contact form or call us at 512.954.0904. We would love to hear from you!