Prepping for Warmer Weather: How to Get Your Patio in Tip-Top Shape


Welcome to another beautiful Austin summer. We may not be able to flock in hordes to Barton Springs Pool or share a blanket on the lawn at Blues on the Green this year, but it won’t stop us from soaking up every bit of Texas sun we can—even from the comfort of our very own patios. Whether you use this space as your chill-out zone, home cocktail lounge, gardener’s paradise, or hip-hop dance floor, here’s how to make it a spot you’ll never want to leave this summer.


Clean That Shit Up

Your patio won’t ever be Instagram-worthy if you don’t start with a clean slate. Grab a broom, leaf blower, and a mop or sponge, and get down to work sweeping and scrubbing away the dust, dirt, and spring pollen.

If your space is looking a little worse for wear, hit the patio with a low-power pressure washer to make your cement or brick look brand-new. You can also use it to clean the furniture, since it’ll save time, water, and unnecessary elbow grease. Next, wipe down your banisters and railings, windows and sliding doors, furniture and lighting fixtures to make them shine.


Channel Your Inner Queer Eye

The Queer Eye Fab Five are experts in the world of style and interior design—which means they know a thing or two about when to let a piece go, honey. Let your inner Bobby Berk out and be ruthless with your decluttering. Toss the plants that look more like weeds than thriving flora. Say goodbye to any patio furniture and decor items that are old, uncomfortable, chipping, ripping, damaged, or just not working anymore. The best part is when you’re done, you’ll have an excuse to find some prettier replacements.


Get Down with Some Color

Patios are often composed of concrete or cinder block, which brings to mind institutions more than cozy hang-out spots. But you can change that in no time with just a can of paint. Give your patio doors, walls, floor, or ceiling a makeover with a coat of paint in a summery hue like flamingo pink or tangerine orange. If you’re feeling particularly artsy, try your hand at painting a “rug” on the ground. It’ll give that drab floor some vibrant color and dimension—and best of all, it’s weatherproof. When all else fails, just order an outdoor rug, slap it down and call it a day.


Go for the Green

Regardless of size, every outdoor space needs some greenery to add some life and texture. Your patio is a perfect spot for container plantings, because they’re super easy to maintain. Plus, you can swap out the plants once the weather cools down in the fall so that you’ve got life and color year round.

Just make sure you’re choosing plants that can tolerate the sweltering Austin summers—geraniums, zinnias, and succulents of all kinds will stand up to the heat, as will Chinese fan palms if you want to add some jungle-y flair. Also be sure to give them plenty of room to thrive in their pots. Cactuses are rad and super-low maintenance as seen on my own patio. For an even easier and more low-maintenance alternative, there’s no shame in using faux plants and cut flowers.


Light It Up

By now, your patio is looking so freaking awesome that you’ll want to stay out there, crushing your micheladas or frosé long into the night—and that means you’ll need some light. String lights, modern torches, and lanterns make your patio functional, but they also add a cozy ambience for instant mood lighting.


Curate Your Style

Does your design taste sway Bohemian? Deck out your space with some tropical palms, a Turkish kilim rug, and macrame planter baskets. Maybe you’re more of a Palm Springs modern kind of soul? Add a fringe-y patio umbrella, geometric tile rug, potted cacti, and plenty of flamingo-pink color. Whatever style catches your eye, incorporate it into every possible detail for your own little version of outdoor paradise.

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