How to Make Your Home Cozy for Fall

Forget pumpkin spice lattes – decorating your house for fall is totally the new black (and orange). Fall is definitely one of the most fun times to give your home a little warm & cozy makeover. As the sun drops earlier and the chill of the autumn air blows in, we start changing our schedules along with the season—whether that means more cooking and baking, pumpkin-patch visiting, or other celebratory routine. And there’s no better way to honor these fiery-colored months than to prepare our homes for the cool nights ahead and incorporate simple touches that add some cozy warmth—here’s how.

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Add Textures

A crisp fall night is perfect for getting cozy on the couch with some hot chocolate—or my favorite, mulled wine. Best of all, you can easily get that kind of comfort in every room of your home. Add some soft wool knitted throw blankets to the sofa and beds to be within easy reach during your next reading marathon on a cold night—or even consider knitting your own! Faux sheep skins draped over the backs of chairs and sofas are also an easy way to add instant hygge. And sure, quilts are beautiful on beds, but they also make a great focal piece and add a dose of artisanal country charm when framed on a wall. You can frame separate pieces in a cluster, or even hang an entire quilt on the wall.

Switch Out Accessories

As much as you may love your pineapple-and-flamingo-print pillows—and I don’t blame you a bit—they’re not exactly going to help your home feel like fall. Switch out your existing throw blankets, pillows, towels, and even curtains for versions with muted hues and seasonal textures or patterns. Traditional fall colors are, of course, shades of orange, mustard, cranberry, and brown, but you’re not limited to those few! Try deeper hues of your favorite colors—hunter green, dusty plum, midnight blue, and coppers and golds also do the trick. 

As for floral arrangements, your sunny bouquets of summer flowers are so three months ago. Instead, you get to replace them with the autumnal variety—think marigolds, mums, and poppies. You can also go the extra mile and dress up the kitchen table, porch, mantel, entryway, or anywhere else you have room with seasonal gourds and pumpkins for a fresh fall harvest right inside your casa. 

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Prepare for the Weather Change

Here in Austin, we don’t get much time to use our fireplaces—which makes it all the more important that we use them every single chance we get! Give yours a quick dusting and cleaning before using—and have a professional check for any gas-related safety hazards if yours is old or hasn’t been used before. Don’t forget to add some heirloom pumpkins, a basket of apples or small gourds nearby to complete the look. 

This is also the perfect time to swap out your breezy, warm-weather curtains for a pair that’ll keep your home warm during chilly nights. Thicker drapes—which look positively regal in an autumnal color palette—give any room an air of opulence, and their natural insulation will keep you warm without even having to turn on the heat.

Bring the Smells Indoors

Of course, the shorter days of fall mean more darkness, which provides the perfect excuse to add candlelight wherever possible. But nothing evokes the rustic vibe of falling leaves and a bountiful harvest quite like the intoxicating smell of a fall-scented candle or essential oil, be it pumpkin spice, apple pie, amber, blackberry, or sandalwood—the list goes on and on!

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