If you’ve been wondering how to make your home more exciting and bold, these vivid living room trends for 2021 might be exactly what you’re looking for. This year’s style trends include pops of color, daring lines, and eye-catching patterns for living spaces.

How Do Design Trends Change from Year to Year?

Home decor trends are constantly changing. What matters to us in our homes and our style changes shifts, as do our needs and the materials and furnishings available. Manufacturers are always developing exciting new styles to offer more choices and television shows and interior designers are forever showcasing new options for homeowners. With all this, new trends are born.

Luckily, you don’t have to hop on every living room design trend. If your living space has been updated in the past ten years and still meets your needs, it may still be in vogue. After all, styles in living rooms change more slowly than fashion trends on runways. That said, what are we seeing in the most fashion-forward homes right now?

What Living Room Design Trends has 2021 Brought?

One of the biggest impacts on living room trends for 2021 has been the continued effect of the pandemic. While people are slowly starting to travel and entertain again, many homeowners are still spending lots of time at home and living spaces may still need to do double-duty as home offices, conference call backgrounds, and homeschooling stations.

The fact that we’re spending more time at home is creating renewed interest in living spaces, and overall, what we’re seeing are brighter and more exciting living rooms. The style choices coming down the pike include:

  • Colors are back: Each year, the Pantone Color Institute names a Color of the Year, which always has a major influence on interior design. In 2021, the color of the year was PANTONE 17-5104 Ultimate Gray + PANTONE 13-0647 Illuminating, a two-color punch illustrating a return to bright colors. The soft grey is reminiscent of palettes over the past few years while the pop of sunny yellow has translated into a brighter look for living rooms.
  • Bright pieces are on-trend: Bright pops of color are showing up more as people navigate away from minimalist living rooms into spaces with combined patterns. Instead of stripping back, designers are introducing visual interest and movement into living spaces. Showcase pieces in colors such as bright red are becoming popular as a way to draw the eye and to infuse brightness.
  • Wallpaper is seeing growth: A big part of the trend leading the way is wallcoverings. According to market research firm Technavio, the digitally-printed wallpaper market is forecast to rise to $4.81 billion between 2021 and 2025. Digitally-printed wallpaper allows designers to print anything from a photo to any design on wallpaper for a customizable look. Best of all, the wallpaper is easy to put on and remove. It’s the ideal solution for apartments and homes where homeowners may want to change their living room walls regularly.
  • Wallcoverings are in: The wallcovering market is expected to grow by $10.78 billion by 2025. Look for more wall art, gallery walls, and unique décor on walls to create a maximalist living room aesthetic.
  • Living rooms are getting the maximalist treatment: Another trend in the “more is more” aesthetic of 2021 living rooms is movement. Designers are creating movement wish sculptured furnishings, which look almost retro with their bold lines. Combining stripes and checks and introducing bold patterns, in general, is bringing visual interest and movement to living spaces.
  • Cozy is in: Combining patterns is also in alignment with the cozy rustic aesthetic which is right on trend in 2021. From contemporary country to cottage style to living rooms with a tropical beach house feel, interiors are all about cozy comfort right now. Vintage and rural details, such as wood beams, ocean-blue walls, or murals with a tropical feel all play into this design style. A country or tropical living room can also make you feel like you’re somewhere new, which is much appreciated by those who still can’t quite travel as much as they might like.
  • Sustainable is still hot: These design elements also fit in well with the eco-friendly trend which is continuing in 2021. Sustainable pieces, recycled and upcycled finds, and plenty of houseplants make your living room not only stylish but offer a kinder, gentler way to decorate your space while honoring the natural world outside. Look for green solutions and ways to bring the natural world inside to make your living space feel fresh and current.

Bringing interior design trends for 2021 into your home

We know you want to improve your living space, but you don’t have to rush out and completely redo everything. The wonderful thing about 2021 design trends is that they are very accessible. If you already have a neutral palette in your living space from past years, consider adding a few pops of color with a lovely lamp or by painting one item in your room grey and yellow, bright blue, or vivid red.

Consider what you’d like to live with on your walls. Is there a collection you’d love to showcase in frames? Bring some of the personal into your living room with oversize prints, wallpaper, or digitally-printed wallpaper. Layer prints in rugs, pillows, and throws for a bold and current look.

Of course, if you want your living space to be stylish, you can always contact J. Fisher Interiors for our professional design services. We’re passionate about creating amazing home interiors to support your lifestyle and aesthetic. Our innovative design process is tailored to your needs and budget so you get your dream living room. In 2021 and beyond, J. Fisher Interiors can build timeless and on-trend living spaces for your home.


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