The Team

Jennifer Fisher


Jennifer FisherFusing clean architecture with vintage and modern furniture pieces and decorative arts, Designer/Owner Jennifer Fisher specializes in creating unique custom interiors that are casually elegant yet comfortable. Jennifer’s adventurous and skilled eye for interior design merges with her ability to read and understand her client’s desired style to produce eclectic, authentic spaces in Austin and beyond.

With nearly 20 years of experience, Jennifer has garnered a devoted following that values the passion and unique vision executed in each of her designs. After three years working under distinguished Los Angeles interior designer Waldo Fernandez, Jennifer accepted an associate position at Madeline Stuart & Associates before relocating to Austin, Texas, in 2009. Her philosophy of building open and honest relationships through clear communication has led her to be named one of Austin’s 20 best interior designers for two consecutive years. This combination of talent, experience, and vision has led Jennifer and her work to be featured in numerous design publications and helped establish J.Fisher Interiors as an influential player in the luxury interior design scene.

Jennifer’s passion for interior design traces back to her youth, where she spent hours rearranging her childhood home to match the furniture and stage sets of her favorite television shows. Even with her childhood passion now her life’s focus, Jennifer still finds time to practice yoga and enjoy live music, as well as maintain a vegan lifestyle in which she advocates for animal welfare and the environment.

Erika Libson


Erika Libson is an architect and designer from Piedras Negras, MX.

An architecture graduate from CEDIM (Monterrey School of Design), Erika seeks both form and function in the spaces she designs. Her work draws on influences from studies abroad in Barcelona, as well as her 5 years spent as a residential architectural builder/designer in Monterrey, MX.

Her style is both bold and classic, bright but never overdone. “I like to surprise my clients with subtle creativity and unexpected details that make spaces unique.”

Nearly all of her free time is dedicated to her tiny chihuahua Chloe, spending time outdoors, playing tennis and reading.


J.Fisher Interiors’ studio is located in east Austin. To schedule your consultation appointment, please fill out the contact form or call us at 512.954.0904. We would love to hear from you!

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Jennifer’s experience and vast knowledge proved to be invaluable in finding unique items and negotiating the best possible prices. The money she saved me, particularly in finding mid-century modern pieces, more than paid for her services.

Dean Crassas

Dean Crassas December 1, 2017