Willow City Ranch

This ranch in the hill country is the perfect retreat for this growing family. Originally the thought was it would be a hunting ranch for the men in the family, but after it’s completion it’s also served as a girls group getaway. Thankfully, there weren’t many challenges in this new build project. It was really about picking the perfect color palette to give the family the zenned out relaxation situation they were looking for. Then adding character to a structure that has a very loft like minimalist feeling. We sourced the sliding barn doors from Round Top which came from a barn in Ohio built circa 1890. We custom designed all the beds after weeks of searching and not finding what we wanted. They go perfectly with the home owners treasured vintage blankets found overseas. We wanted very reasonably priced art and since they are bow hunters, we decided old colorful arrows artfully arranged would be the perfect fit.

Once we put everything together over 3 days, the tall strong man we came to love as our client cried, twice. Then his wife cried, then they were both crying, then everyone was crying. It was beautiful and the best compliment we could have ever hoped to receive.



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Jennifer’s experience and vast knowledge proved to be invaluable in finding unique items and negotiating the best possible prices. The money she saved me, particularly in finding mid-century modern pieces, more than paid for her services.

Dean Crassas

Dean Crassas December 1, 2017