What is the Value of Hiring an Interior Designer?

If you’re designing or updating your home on a budget, hiring an interior designer may seem like a luxury you don’t need. A lot of new and aspiring homeowners have watched all the home renovation shows and know that they have great taste, so taking the DIY approach seems like a good way to save money on their home interiors. However, professional interior design is an investment that pays off in multiple ways. Here are the primary reasons home and business owners hire interior designers.

Professional Interior Design Adds Functional and Cost-Saving Improvements

There’s a world of difference between “decorate” and “design”. One of the defining characteristics of interior design training is that it includes the study of human behavior and how spaces are used. Interior designers balance the appearance and aesthetics of a home with the needs of day-to-day functionality. They know how to maximize space so that your home feels bigger than it is, create versatile areas that can seamlessly transition between functions, and plan for your changing needs over time.

Interior designers can also make your home more environmentally responsible and sustainable, incorporating water and energy-efficient improvements that save you money on your utility bills over time.

Professional Interior Design Includes Creative or Custom Solutions

There is always a benefit to having fresh eyes on a problem, especially if those fresh eyes are backed by years of education and experience. An interior designer may propose solutions that you simply hadn’t considered before or be aware of the latest innovations and practices that address the situation.

Professional interior designers also have access to exclusive products, materials, and resources that are not sold to the general public. Many cabinet and countertop companies, flooring and window treatment manufacturers, and even furniture and art marketplaces are only available to professional designers and are offered at reduced prices. These professional-only marketplaces and discounts often more than offset the cost of hiring an interior designer.

Interior designers are experts at creating unique, custom solutions for individual clients and projects, giving you new ideas and options you may not have considered. They also have access to products and prices that are not available to most consumers, giving you even more exclusive and custom choices.

Professional Interior Design is Cohesive

If you’ve been looking at new homes, you’ve probably seen it a dozen times: a home with a great living room and a weird bathroom or a gorgeous kitchen and an ugly dining room. The value of hiring an interior designer is creating a cohesive design approach to the entire home.

This cohesive design is especially important in modern, open-plan homes, where interior design helps to define, differentiate, and transition between spaces. Instead of abrupt transitions, or single-scheme matchy-matchy decor, professional interior designers use color, shape, lighting, and layout to coordinate and communicate different areas of a home.

Professional Interior Designers Offer Efficient Project Management

While many people think of project management as necessary on big construction or renovation projects, good project management can save time and money on even smaller updates. Choosing the right contractor can be extremely difficult for homeowners who haven’t worked with one before, and choosing the wrong contractor can lead to weeks or months of setbacks and budget overruns.

A full-service interior designer knows what types of companies, services, and products will be needed for your home improvement project and when. They know how to choose, budget, and schedule the entire process and typically have a local network of trusted professionals who they can recommend for your specific needs. Using an experienced professional interior designer saves you stress, time, and money on big remodeling projects.

Professional Interior Design Increases Property Value and Marketability

Many homeowners hire professional interior designers for the simple reason that it makes sense financially. Professional interior design offers a high return on the marketability and value of a home. Your designer can also optimize your design  investment for the greatest benefit in the marketplace, discussing where to spend and where to save.

Professional Interior Design Ensures Success

Did you ever buy something online, only to have it not live up to your expectations? It’s happened to everyone at some point. Furniture, cabinets, and accent pieces may look right online or in the store, but they may not actually be the right size, scale, or style once you get them home. Paint colors that may look gorgeous in the store will look very different on your walls, and your opinion of flooring, upholstery, surfaces, and textiles may change when you actually see and touch them in person.

Because professional interior designer works hard to make sure you are happy with your home, they carefully consider and work with you on every decision, from color to texture to shape and size. They anticipate challenges with lighting, installation, placement, and maintenance. They undergo extensive planning processes, with 3D renders, schematics, samples, and detailed plans, all to make sure you love the result.

When you consider all those factors, professional interior design is an investment that just makes sense. If you want your home to feel and function as good as it looks while saving time and stress, and getting a great outcome on time the first time, work with an interior designer. And, of course, professional design offers a great return on investment, with access to exclusive pricing, energy-saving upgrades, and increasing the value and marketability of your home when it’s time to sell. For more information on how working with an interior designer saves time and reduces client stress while adding value to your home, contact J.Fisher Interiors today.


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