Top Interior Design Trends for 2021

We don’t think you’ll blame us for wanting to say a very sassy sayonara to 2020. Plus, a new year always feels like a perfect time to change the look and feel of your space. Implementing the latest design trends means we can make our homes and businesses more streamlined, functional, and gorgeous.

Want to crank up your resolutions and get adventurous in your space this year? Check out the most exciting Austin interior design trends of 2021 to get you inspired!



If living through 2020 has taught us anything, it’s that taking care of yourself isn’t a luxury; it’s absolutely essential, especially during stressful times. When it comes to interior design trends, here’s how you can add some self-care love to your space.

  • For your business: Create a calm, tech-free zone where employees can escape stress and distraction by unplugging and taking a mindful break. Companies like Apple, Google, and Nike have integrated their own “meditation rooms” with dim lighting, comfortable seating, bamboo walls, and indoor wall gardens to create a grounding and holistic experience.
  • For your home: Self-care is different for everyone, and it’s more than just soaking in a spa tub or meditating on a yoga mat. It’s also about creating a dedicated space that recharges you by allowing you to pursue your passions. For artists and musicians, this can mean creating a mini studio space in your home. Can’t get by without your weekly spin class? A garage or spare bedroom converted into a personal gym will have you releasing those feel-good endorphins whenever you need a pick-me-up.

Locally Produced Products

Nothing makes a space feel more like home and gives it more soul than designing it with locally sourced materials that tell a story of thoughtful craftsmanship. This design trend echoes the country’s growing focus on environmentalism, but it also creates a more local experience—especially for businesses, since it can help drive customer loyalty and create community partnerships. Natural materials are a one-of-a-kind regional treasure and a perfect way to show your love to our “weird” city.

Austin is home to gorgeous building materials such as limestone and granite (the State Capitol exterior is composed of “Texas pink” granite, a material ideal for high use), as well as local hardwoods such as pecan, mesquite, pine, sycamore, and oak. And it’s not just building materials that make up this Austin interior design trend. Native plants—think Texas sage or a regal agave—make a great wallscape or greenscape in any Austin business or yard.


Smart Rooms

Time to be a total hypocrite. Yes, it’s important for any home or business to have a dedicated comfy zone for unwinding from the chaos of daily life and checking in with yourself. But the internet of things still rules everything we do, so we might as well integrate that tech as seamlessly as possible for when we do use it. New tech trends that are making waves in homes and businesses in the year ahead include:

  • Smart digital controls. This includes voice activation and touch-screen technology for temperature, light, and power—such as a Nest—that can be adjusted and programmed from a smartphone or other device.
  • Soundproofed windows. The acoustic technology in these windows minimize noise from traffic, airplanes, or loud music.
  • Smart mirrors. We’ve officially entered the future. This high-tech device combines a TV screen with a mirror, so that you (or your guests) can brush your teeth or shave while checking the weather or watching the news.
  • Wireless device charging. Cords are so 2020. Wireless charging is the ultimate in streamlining, and it works by transferring power from a charging “mat” to a device without the need for a connecting cable.


A focus on environmental sustainability isn’t new, but the degree to which designers implement green practices is set to grow by leaps and bounds in 2021. Here are some of the beautiful and forward-thinking trends you can expect to see this year:

  • Carbon-neutral paint
  • Air-purifying sculptures
  • Water-saving showerheads and water stations
  • Passive cooling
  • Solar panels for sustainable power
  • Motion sensors to save energy

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